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Level 4: Post Injury Evaluation (and Plan Implementation)

This level of assessment provides a comprehensive evaluation and detailed report, including photographs, that addresses the current ergonomic risk factor exposures and suggested action plan. Level 4 assessments are often requested by an employer or insurance adjustor who wants to implement the solutions as quickly as possible and prevent further injury or disability. Fit to Work, Inc. does not sell products; however, we facilitate the ordering and installation by working with reputable vendors. In addition, Fit to Work, Inc. returns for follow-up to assist in installation and educates the worker on the proper use of the equipment. This is a key step to success of the ergonomic initiative and assists to minimize the risk of a new injury from improper equipment use.

Level 4 evaluations are requested when:

  • The employee has been off of work and his/her physician recommends that ergonomic changes be made prior to releasing the employee to work.
  • The employee with an injury or disability is having trouble performing his or her job functions and the employer desires a quick resolution.
  • The employer does not have the internal expertise or manpower to perform an assessment and implement the solutions in a timely manner.